In the News

As an annual shopping venue we do our best to publicize our event through newspaper articles and advertisements, radio interviews and word of mouth. This section focuses on Home-Grown Alternatives in the news, or media.

Royal Gazette article featuring M-SEW’s SS15 collection

Royal Gazette article featuring M-SEW's SS15 collection inspired by Cup Match--cricket.

Adrienne Cotterill featured in the News with her “Bermuda’s Charm”

What better way to reflect Bermuda’s charm, than with an actual charm? Adrienne Cotterill thought it was a great idea and created a line of lockets she dubbed Bermuda Charm...

Radio interview on 1450 AM with Shirley Dill and “The Captain” for 2013

Two of our biggest online supporters are interviewing HGA: 1450 AM with Shirley Dill, Sunday, November 24th at 8:30am and Mix 106 with "The Captain", Thursday, November 28th at 8:30am.

Beautiful coverage online for HGA 17

We have had a beautiful gallery published by of HGA 17 which shows off the beautiful "home-grown" items of our participants along with other mentions online.

Radio interview on 1450 AM and “The Captain” for 2012

1450 AM with Shirley Dill, Thursday, November 22nd at 1:30 pm and Mix 106 with "The Captain", Tuesday, November 27 at 10:45 am.

2011 Radio Interview Schedule

Shirley Dill Talk Show and The Captain radio interviews for Home-Grown Alternatives, Bermuda 2011. Our 16th year.

Radio Interview for 2010

Radio interviews for our 15th Home-Grown Alternatives: The Shirley Dill Show (VSB 1450 AM Gold) and more to follow...

“A Viable Alternative” by Rene Hill, The Royal Gazette

Renee Hill has graced us with another wonderful article about our wonderful event. Complete with a selection of photographs.

HGA 2008 was a wonderful event

Home-Grown Alternatives was a fantastic event where we were busy. This is a great feat since many people are cutting back on things this year due to perceived economic challenges.

Summary of HGA in The Royal Gazette daily newspaper

A collection of Royal Gazette daily newspaper articles featuring Home-Grown Alternatives.