We’re as Busy as Santa’s Helpers steadily creating arts and crafts just for you…

Posted on November 28th, 2010 by cwellman

Who would have thought we would still be at it ... from Admiralty House 15 years ago, a more than chilly rainy day… offering coffee to warm the bones of our customers and ourselves… we’ve come a long way to our “home” in Paget.

Be sure to stop by. We have new and many of your returning favourites… from plants to pottery, pretty jewels and tasty confections. Sandra’s kitchen cooks up some of the delicious fare served daily at The Village Cafe. We’ll be there early - opening from 10am to 4pm just for you. Visit St. Paul’s Christian Education Centre for the best of hand made in Bermuda. “We have it made in Bermuda”.

Mary Tatem
HGA Co-Founder & Organizing Committee Member